Past exhibitions


'Rose’s Story' - The WSPU in Wimbledon 1908-1915

Saturday 12th April 2008 - Sunday 30th November 2008

A local view of the epic struggle for women's suffrage during the early years of the twentieth century. Traces the campaign through the eyes of a remarkable young woman, Rose Lamartine Yates, who lived in Dorset Hall on Kingston Road from 1906 to 1935. In 1909 Rose joined the recently-formed Wimbledon branch of the militant Women's Social and Political Union and quickly became a leading figure in this vital stage in the development of female emancipation. It is an extraordinary story of impeccable logic and flawless argument met with entrenched prejudice, physical and mental abuse and sexual politics.


Wimbledon and the Slave Trade

Saturday 24th March 2007 - Sunday 29th July (Extended to Sunday 30th September) 2007

Wimbledon was home to both Slavers and Abolitionists. Slavers included Abraham Aguilar and Christopher MacEvoy, pitched against the enormous efforts of William Wilberforce and his sympathisers William Pitt the younger, Lord Grenville and Viscount Melville, who resided at what would become Cannizaro House. Joseph Marryat MP was somewhere in the middle of the fracas which would eventually see an aged Wilberforce triumph with the passing of the Emancipation Bill three days before he died in 1833.


Nelson At Home

Saturday 10th September 2005 - Sunday 27th November 2005

An examination of the home life of Britain's most famous Admiral, his mistress Emma Hamilton and Horatia. Their purchase of Merton Place and life in Merton at the very beginning of the nineteenth century. Our contribution to the Bicentenary celebrations of Nelson's life and untimely death.