Norman Plastow interview: Marriage and children

We were married in 1953 in St Paul's Church in Inner Park Road. My wife was living in Albert Drive. We had a brief honeymoon in Paris, came back and zoomed straight into the RAF. Then just about the time I was coming out of the RAF we discovered this stable building in Beaumont Road. Ray was helping in converting it while I was working in an office but at weekends we were busy building. We stayed there seven or eight years before we built this. My first daughter, Hazel, was born while we were there and our daughter Wendy was born just about the time we were moving here so it was three years later.

Do either of your daughters have architectural inclinations?

No. Our elder daughter runs quite a big organization now which is for the disabled. She worked first of all for Surrey Disabled Information Services which she built up and then due to cuts set up her own charity and now has about 15 people working for her, providing help for disabled people in the Surrey area. She lives at Caterham up on the hill in a 17th century house. It was built around 1650 and I was able to help her with that. I was amazed how she managed to cope with that. It wasn't derelict but it hadn't been touched since about 1930. Lot of work to do.

And your second daughter?

She lives down at Poole now. She is divorced but she has two children so we have two grandchildren, a boy and a girl. My granddaughter was up here the other day. She had tickets for the rugby at Twickenham so she came up here for the weekend. She is in her early twenties. My daughter has a house in Poole, not in the luxury part but she is the only person I know who can claim we have ferries at the bottom of our garden. She works for Toys R Us - toys and sales. My granddaughter is now in some financial company. Fancy having a granddaughter who is a financial adviser! My grandson works for Audi in their offices there.