Norman Plastow interview: Hobbies at home

Although I had a brother we didn't have mutual hobbies generally as he was eight years older but we did have some other interests in common although I would mainly play games on my own. One thing we did do was when my brother was about 16 and interested in science he joined Foyles Scientific Book Club which produced scientific books every month for half a crown. He persuaded me to join with him and share the cost. I was eight. It did help me because I had to read the books in order to get my 1s 3d worth. I found myself reading books on crystallography and all sorts of weird and wonderful things and became interested. The crystallography book sticks in the mind because when you look back at these books - there are still one or two around - they are very romantic in a way, scientifically. The crystallography book ends saying "Light is the crystallised flow of Time". Very poetic. Doesn't make sense. My brother had a laboratory at the end of the garden. We had a garage and various woodworking sheds and he had a small building which been a sort of garden room which he turned into a laboratory. I used to get in there when I could. During the war when he was away in the RAF I had the full run of the place. This was where I used to make bombs and all sorts of things.