Lady Prudence Cradock-Hartopp interview: Family life

You said you had one child when you moved here. What about your other children?

I have two other daughters.

Are they in Wimbledon?

No but one is quite near at Teddington. One lives near Reading and the other one lives up in Lancashire.

Do you have grandchildren?

Four. The eldest and youngest [daughters] both have two children, a boy and a girl. 

Do your children come to Wimbledon?

Yes, my youngest daughter is a keen tennis player. She comes to Wimbledon regularly as she gets tickets from her tennis club. She comes regularly with the children, every holiday and half term at least. The other daughter lives in Reading so she comes often, it is only just over an hour for her.

You moved to Wimbledon in 1955. At that time were you a mother at home or did you have a job?

No at that time I was a mother at home. I looked after the three girls.

Once the children got to school I went back to doing a bit of journalism. I [had] trained on the Derby Evening Telegraph and then they moved me to London. They asked me if I would like to go to London to work for the whole group. The Northcliffe Group. I didn’t do the dailies, I did all the provincial papers. I had to do a weekly column on anything I wanted which went to all their papers – I think there were 17 of them. I had to do a weekly film column for which I always got plenty of material sent in. Those were the two regular things and I had to cover anything they wanted covered in London that affected them. I would be sent to do that.