Kenneth Young interview: Transport memories - Buses

In the early 1920s, there was, if I remember correctly, only one bus route through Wimbledon. That was Route 70 which ran from Merton Park (Ye Olde Leather Bottle pub) to Putney Bridge Station. Its route was via Hartfield Road, Wimbledon Station, up the hill and along Parkside, and down Putney Hill. Operated by elderly pre-First World War open-topped vehicles, they struggled on Wimbledon Hill. I remember them breaking down from time to time.  When this happened the conductor would jump off and put a wooden block under the rear wheel to prevent the vehicle rolling back.  

I have mentioned Putney Hill. Once when going that way to Putney I saw a section of the hill was spread with a thick layer of straw for several yards. This, I was told, was to deaden the sound of the traffic for a person in one of the big houses who was seriously ill.