Kenneth Young interview: Our church and family

The church in Mansel Road has played an enormous part in my life. With my family I attended my first service there in May 1919 and have continued to be closely involved with it ever since.
Until 1972 it was Trinity Presbyterian Church but in that year as a result of amalgamation with the Congregational Church, it became Trinity United Reformed Church. My father, my wife, son and daughter have all held active office in the church, notably as Elders. At the moment I am Senior Elder and have been honoured with the title Elder Emeritus. With the exception of the very first Minister at Trinity (in the 1890s!) I have served under every Minister since the church was built – five in number over 93 years.

I met my late wife Stella (née Penn) in the 1930s at Trinity. I used to stamp her attendance card. We had a system for stamping an attendance card every Sunday and when you got so many stars you got a prize of a book. That was before the Sunday school moved to the morning and now we have Junior Church during the church service each Sunday morning. We were married at Trinity in 1945 and set up house at 104 Dorset Road, Merton Park, living there for about ten years. We then moved to 21 Murray Road, Wimbledon, and were there for over 40 years. The house is still there today. We moved here, 5 The Downs, in 1997 but sadly my wife died suddenly in 2006, shortly after we had celebrated our Diamond Wedding.

Our son Alan was born in 1947 and my daughter Catherine four years later. Alan and his wife Janet live in New Malden and I now have two great-grandchildren. Catherine married Dr Robin Paul in 2003 but sadly he died in 2008. She still lives in her house in Kensington. Both she and Alan are active Elders at Trinity. The Wimbledon Society has met there in the big area at the back, now known as the Mansel Road Centre which has been developed for lettings.