Dr Bobby Headley interview: Lucky number

I understand you have a lucky number?

I was posted to No 29 General Hospital. There were 29 hospitals with either a 500 or a 1000-bedded unit in a place called Ormskirk near Liverpool. They were getting ready to embark to go overseas so I had four months in the British Isles after I joined the army and by that time I was under sailing orders so we went. 29 has always been my lucky number really. I was born on the 29th , my son was born on the 29th February, I got married on the 29th June, all of my medicards have had 29 on them. The last one unfortunately I lost it and haven’t got to 29 but 29 has gone with me. I always bet on 29s and sometimes they come up, even the Lottery. At 29 [Hospital] we were in this school at Ormskirk which is just outside Liverpool. We were all being issued with all this overseas kit and we had to have this tin trunk which we put all of our stuff in. Knew we were going abroad. In a war – I don’t know about anyone else’s war – you never knew where you were going. You were just dumped. Just off. Not like the convicts in the previous century who knew they were going to Australia forever. We didn’t know where we were going. Nobody had ever got back.