Cottenham Park

The district known as Cottenham Park was created just after 1800 by James Meyrick. He bought the small Prospect Place estate, added all the land between Copse Hill and Coombe Lane, had the grounds landscaped by Humphrey Repton and built a model farm. In 1831 the estate was bought by Charles Pepys, later Earl of Cottenham, Queen Victoria's Chancellor. When he died in 1851 the estate was broken up and 40 acres were acquired by St. George's Hospital. The rest was laid out with roads and building plots, few of which were bought until the 1890's, except along Copse Hill and Richmond Road. Development of the area did not get underway in earnest until after 1891 with the extension of Worple Road to Raynes Park and the coming of the trams in 1907. By the start of the First World War and thriving new residential area had sprung up.