Photographs overview

The Photograph Collection in the Museum of Wimbledon is of great importance because it clearly illustrates the Local History in a way that is easy for anyone of any age to understand.

The photographs cover the last hundred and fifty years and there are photographic reproductions of drawings and paintings from earlier years. In particular, there is a large quantity of most valuable photographs that are more than a hundred years old, some taken, as today, by local enthusiasts, and many that are postcards of local views. These exist because it was a vital means of communication at the time, with many local postal collections and deliveries every day.

Photographic surveys have been undertaken at various times including an extensive one in the 1970s. We currently undertake on-going photography of Wimbledon, especially of buildings and areas likely to change, in order to document the natural and built environment as it is today and to record it for posterity. Amateur and professional photographers are welcome to contribute images or to photograph their locality for this purpose. Searches of the database are easily conducted. The collection is of tremendous significance because it records the great changes that have taken place over this period as may be seen in the curator's choice.

Collection enquiries and research

We are very happy to welcome members of the public who wish to consult our collections for research. Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment at a time when the Museum is not open to the public.

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