Curator's choice - maps


1850 tithe map

Until 2004 our copies of the 1850 tithe map were poor. Then the Surrey History Centre agreed to photograph the original map (about three metres square) for us at a very reasonable price. From the resultant CD we printed the map in 25 A3 sections which are put in a ring binder and can be seen whenever the Museum is open.

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Sketch of Wimbledon Town, 1776

A Survey made for the first Earl Spencer, including an informative table with 170 entries.

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Early maps of Surrey

Maps dating from 1579 to 1745, that give limited information on Wimbledon.

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Exact survey, 1720

This is a small part of the parish, showing in1720, the Church, the Tudor Manor House, then in decline, and the second Manor House, nearing completion.

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1951 Ordnance Survey

Complete coverage at 50 inches to the mile. Becoming more valuable every day.

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1894/1911 Ordnance Survey

We have good coverage of these Ordnance Surveys, many at 60 inches to the mile, particularly the 1894 edition. These are invaluable for visitors who are researching the history of their house. A number of these local maps are on sale in the Museum.

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1865 Ordnance Survey

The first Ordnance Survey of England and Wales, undertaken after those of Scotland and Ireland, 6 inches and 25 inches to the mile.

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Milne 1800, Land use

Employing different colours for arable, meadow, parklands, wood, market gardens, etc.

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Corris 1787

Prepared for the second Earl Spencer, a plan by John Corris of Putney, Wimbledon and Mortlake.

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Rocque 1745

Among many other commissions, this jobbing cartographer prepared an “Exact Survey of the Cities of London, Westminster and the Country nearly ten miles round”. A miracle.

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