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manuscriptsThe Manuscripts collection comprises documents relating to Wimbledon including: deeds to property; records of local associations; papers collected by or related to notable local residents; documents relating to the history of local military organisations and hospitals; and parish and vestry records.

Accession number: LDWIM000504
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Home Guard 1940-1944  - History and Orders.   A11.1 (Buff folder) Chronological history of the 54th Surrey (Wimbledon) Battalion, Home Guard, from the first establishment of the Local Defence Volunteers on 21 May 1940, to the final dissolution of the Home Guard, 15 Dec.1944. (7 foolscap sheets, TS).   A11.2  Part I and Part II Orders for the 54th Surrey (Wimbledon) Home Guard 1940-1944. (8 hard-covered red books, foolscap, duplicated.  Parts I and II, 1940-1943, and ditto 1944, unbound in buff folder).   Part I Orders 1941, 1942 are missing.  
Accession number: LDWIM000505
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Two scrapbooks, a pamphlet, and additional papers (mostly letters) in a buff folder concerning the Marryat family and genealogy. Collected and compiled by C.T. Davis, Librarian of Wandsworth Public Library 1886-1920. A12.1  (Leather-bound, quarto. 346pp.) A collection relating to Captain Frederick Marryat, the author, which includes autograph letters of his, pictures and prints of himself, his houses, his books and ships he commanded.  There are also some memorials of his children.  Some of the material relates only remotely to his life, or concerns contemporary writers who were his friends.   A12.2  (Hand-covered scrapbook, with leather spine. quarto. 39pp. some loose inserts). A collection of letters and press-cuttings made by C.T. Davis in the course of compiling a pedigree of the Marryat family, with a check list of letters in the scrapbook, of 6 sheets, signed E.A. Buxted, 1935, loosely inserted.   A12.3  (Paper-covered quarto pamphlet. 30pp.). The Pedigree and Memoranda of the family of Marryat.  Compiled by C.T. Davis.   Published, London, 1909, by Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke.  With 4 sheets foolscap MS, of extracts re Marryat family and from the History and Antiquities of Wimbledon by W.A.Bartlett, loosely inserted.   A12.4  Additional material re Marryat family (buff folder). a)  9 MS & TS letters, July/August 1956, between J.E. Society (P.J. Bowie), Wimbledon Borough Library (Milsom & Myson) and Lloyds Information Office (D. Greenall) re photographic reproduction of portrait of Joseph Marryat  in J.E.S. Museum. b)  3 MS letters between Robert Marryat & W. Myson, Oct/Nov. 1975, re visit to J.E.S. Museum by R. Lindsay, with a memorandum (MS photocopy) on the Lindsay & Marryat families (7pp. incl 3 genealogies). (R. Lindsay is descendant of Rev. Henry Lindsay, Vicar of Wimbledon 1819-1849, who married Maria Marryat, dau. of Joseph Marryat senior).  
Accession number: LDWIM000512
Class: Manuscripts
Description: 11 autograph letters from lawyers, contractors and others, written between 24 September 1890 and 7 August 1894  to Richardson Evans Esq. regarding drainage, road-making, and new leases for houses in Camp Road and North View.  
Accession number: LDWIM000514
Class: Manuscripts
Description: One autograph letter and 4 newspaper cuttings concerning the 1918 Parliamentary Election in Wimbledon:  Autograph letter, dated 17 Dec.1918, from C. Tyrell Giles to Richardson Evans, regarding a letter to The Times from the latter, protesting at the nomination of Mr. Joseph Hood as Conservative Candidate in the Wimbledon Constituency in the forthcoming Parliamentary Election; the letter has caused Tyrell Giles "much surprise and vexation".  In addition 2 cuttings from The Times, of 28 Nov., 29 Nov.,& 5 Dec.1918 (Richardson Evans's offending letter; letter from Chairman of Wimbledon Unionist Assoc., T.C. Summerhays, and news item).  One cutting from Morning Post, 11 Dec.1918.  One cutting from Surrey Comet 14 Dec.1918, regarding controversy & nomination by Richardson Evans of G.M. Edwardes Jones as Independent Coalition Candidate.  
Articles of Partnership
Accession number: LDWIM000515
Class: Manuscripts
Description: A4.31. Articles of partnership of Dr. Hugh Campbell Ferguson (father of Mrs.Jessie Cocke) latterly of 1 Southside, Wimbledon. 1.   Articles of partnership, dated 25 June 1912. between  William Taylor, Bachelor of Medicine, of Brookfield, Upper Tooting, London, SW.  (1st party).   Hugh Campbell Ferguson, Doctor of Medicine, of Waterfall House, Tooting Graveney (2nd party).   and    Robert McCowan Hill, Bachelor of Medicine, of 3 Foulser Road, Upper Tooting.     (3rd party). 1st & 2nd parties have practised in partnership in Tooting as Taylor and Campbell, Physician, Surgeons and Apothecaries, for some years, and now admit 3rd party into partnership on payment to 1st party of £750 as sixth share of practice.    Agreement commences 1 July 1912 for 10 years. Twenty-five articles covering finance and running of practice. MS marked 'Duplicate'. 6 sheets (foolscap). Signed and witnessed.   A4.32. ii  Supplemental agreement of 1914 (no other date) covering new situation created by 1911 National Insurance Act, and apportioning separately income from private and panel practice. [TS.  3 sheets (foolscap).  Pencil notes, probably concerning financial apportionment, on back]. Copy.   No signatures.   A4.33. iii   Supplemental agreement of 5th Oct.1914 consequent on Robert McCowan Hill joining the R.A.M.C. for the duration of the European War.  He is to provide and pay a substitute to take his place in the partnership, in consideration of which the article laying down the dismissal of any parties absent for more than 6 months is to be waived in his case. TS.  4 sheets (foolscap).  Copy.  No signatures.   A4.34. iv   Deed of Dissolution of Partnership, dated 8th March 1923. Partnership to be dissolved as from June 30th 1923. Dr. Taylor to leave partnership and guarantees not to set up in practice again in Tooting in consideration of payments by Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hill. Printed and stamped.   Quarto.   Signed & witnessed.   A4.35. v   Articles of Partnership, dated 16th April 1935, between      Hugh Campbell Ferguson, M.D. of 1 Southside, Wimbledon     Edgar Gerard Housden, M.A., B.S. London., MRCS, LRCP of        51 Longley Road, Tooting Graveney and     William James Christie M.B., Ch.P. of 10 Longley Road,       Tooting Graveney Ferguson & Housden, having been in partnership since 1925, practising from Waterfall House, Tooting Graveney, admit as partner W.J. Christie.  Forty five articles covering finance & management of practice. Quarto.  Printed, stamped & signed.  
Accession number: LDWIM000516
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Large black ledger (166pp.) with leather spine and corners, containing the minutes of The Merton Park Estate Co. Ltd, 1902-1945. There is detailed information on the development and sales of land in the Merton Park Estate, including negotiations with the Sutton-Wimbledon Railway in 1908  and with the Wimbledon Motor Bus Co. in 1910, and decision to build cottages for the John Innes Horticultural Institution in May 1912. The first Directors of the Company were John and Ernest Innes and F.G. Courthope. After about 1920 more stress is given to company investments than property developments. At the back of the book are reports of Annual General Meetings 1902,03 & 04.    
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