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manuscriptsThe Manuscripts collection comprises documents relating to Wimbledon including: deeds to property; records of local associations; papers collected by or related to notable local residents; documents relating to the history of local military organisations and hospitals; and parish and vestry records.

Accession number: LDWIM000463
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Testimonial and four MS letters relating to J. D. Caswell: 1.  Testimonial (parchment scroll) presented to Mr.J. Casswell in gratitude for his services to the Village Club and Lecture Hall Cricket Club.  No date. 2.  4 MS letters of 27 & 28 November and 5 & 10 December 1961, exchanged between W.E. Porter, Secretary of the Wimbledon Village Club and His Hon. J.D. Casswell, QC., regarding the occasion and date of the testimonial, which remains "shrouded in mystery".  
Accession number: LDWIM000464
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Three autograph letters and a postcard relating to Sir William Congreve (1772-1828): 1.  3 autograph letters of 17 June 1808, 14 December 1810 and one undated, from Sir William Congreve, the inventor of rockets, to his naval friend and coadjutor, Lieutenant William Perkins.  The letters are in part personal but also touch on testing and use of the rockets. 2.  Postcard (MS) from J. Kenrick, dated 20 April 1925, donating the letters to the Museum as of probable interest, as Sir W. Congreve lived in Wimbledon.  (He is said to have lived on the Green and tested his rockets on the Common).  
Accession number: LDWIM000465
Class: Prints, watercolours & drawings
Description: A scrapbook made in memory of Edmond Polan's services to the John Evelyn Society Museum, by Herbert J. Warren, Honorary Curator of the Museum, after E. Polan's death in 1964.  The inserts include sketches of Wimbledon buildings, of which a list is included. (14 cardboard pp. in black cover labelled "Wimbledon").  
Accession number: LDWIM000466
Class: Manuscripts
Description: An autograph letter and a receipt relating to the Rev. John Horne Tooke: 1.  Autograph letter from the Rev. J. Horne Tooke to Mr. Thompson of Dover, dated 19 August 1788, and written from Soho. 2.  Receipt for £200.16.5. signed by the Rev. J. Horne Tooke and dated 11 July 1785, in settlement of an account with the late Mr. Balthazar Burman.  
Rent book
Accession number: LDWIM000467
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Rent book and accounts pertaining to the Mason family of Wimbledon between 1782-1840. (Notebook, cloth-bound.  Used at both ends): 1.  Accounts of rents received from various properties, furnished and unfurnished, and not all in Wimbledon, kept by Samuel Mason and, after 1797, by his (presumable) son, Thomas Mason; also of certain loans made and repaid. At the back of the notebook are details of furnished lettings to various French emigrés, including, in 1811 and 1812, the Prince of Condé; also accounts of moneys received for Mrs Mason (probably Mrs Samuel Mason) and a list of the domestic property she brought with her when she came to live with Thomas Mason. 2.  A packet (in separate envelope) of receipts for goods supplied to Thomas Mason between 1798 and 1811 (mainly 1809-1811).  Many of the suppliers are in the Borough of Southwark. Acc. No. A467 Location Box D  
Cash book
Accession number: LDWIM000468
Class: Manuscripts
Description: A tradesman's Cash Book 1798-1812. (Leather-bound cash book, used at both ends). A record of cash transactions in various commodities (bear[sic], stocks of wood, flower [sic] etc.), engagements of servants, accounts of "Crismas box" collections, 1799-1806. Some pages torn. Probably kept by William Everatt.  cp LDWIM000470 and LDWIM000471.  
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