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manuscriptsThe Manuscripts collection comprises documents relating to Wimbledon including: deeds to property; records of local associations; papers collected by or related to notable local residents; documents relating to the history of local military organisations and hospitals; and parish and vestry records.

Accession number: LDWIM000529
Class: Manuscripts
Description: 9 manilla folders, correspondence and printed material relating to various activities of the John Evelyn Society between 1902 and 1937, but mainly in the 1920s and 1930s. The material was arranged and listed by Stanley White; his index is in 2 black notebooks.   Folder 1  Code CE Material arising from a John Evelyn Society appeal of 1908 to raise money to purchase land in Kingston and Putney Vales, linking Wimbledon Common and Richmond, in order to preserve it as part of the Common.  The collection covers the years 1908-1912 and includes letters and drafts, printed appeals, maps and press cuttings.  A detailed list of contents is on the folder.   Folder 2   Code WGC Letters, printed material, special reports of meetings etc., arising from Wimbledon Town Planning Scheme No.1, and the work of the John Evelyn Society in preserving Royal Wimbledon Golf Club, between 1932-1936. List of contents on folder.   Folder 3  Code CC Letters and press-cuttings re the digging of a trench by the Metropolitan Water Board across Caesar's Camp.  Most of the contents is dated 1937 but there is some earlier material regarding a right of way across the Camp. List of contents on folder.   Folder 4  Code FE Several letters dated 1933 between A.R. Taylor and the John Evelyn Society, re forming a society to preserve land in Kingston Vale (the Fitzgerald Estate) as part of the Common. A map of the area in question is included. List of contents on folder.   Folder 5  Code S A collection of material, printed and otherwise, on various matters relating to Wimbledon.  Most interesting are a programme (dated 18 July 1931) of the opening of the Richardson Evans Memorial playing fields; a TS letter re "Castle Towers" and the Beaumont Restrictions on Wressil Lodge, with a list of signatories to them of 20 Dec.1900; a series of press-cuttings of Dec.1925 on a Ministry of Health enquiry into the future of Banky Field, Wimbledon Park; and an undated pamphlet re the Merton Priory Site Purchase Fund.  A detailed list is on the folder.   Folder 6  Code JE Assorted material relating to John Evelyn Society activities between 1904 and 1936.  The contents include printed annual reports and accounts between 1904 and 1921 (not complete) and letters concerning the starting of the Museum in 1916. List of contents on the folder.   Folder 7  Code VC Much of the material in this folder (which is dated between 1860 and 1934) relates to the Wimbledon Village Club and the question taken up by the Charity Commissioners, of whether it was being run in accordance with the intentions of the founders.  Related to this is the proposal for a "Toynbee Room" in the Club to house the John Evelyn Society Museum.  There is also a collection of letters (dated 1933 & 1934) from William Toynbeee regarding his father's part in founding the Club. List of contents on the folder.   Folder 8 Consists of duplicate copies of material already filed.   Folder 9 Ten letters of periods 1905,1911,1918, re use of land around Caesar's Camp, and footpath running from it across  Royal Wimbledon Golf course.  Includes letter, 9 May 1905, from Lady Dunsany, owner at that time of land near Caesar's Camp.   Folder 10 Transferred to EPH XXI 23.0  May 1990.    
Accession number: LDWIM000530
Class: Manuscripts
Description: The 11th Surrey Rifle Volunteers (later 4th and then 3rd SRV). Manuscript book and 2 scrapbooks, mainly of printed papers of orders, reports and memoranda relating to the Wimbledon Contingent, 1861-1886. 1.  Foolscap book containing Battalion Orders, 12 Feb.1864-24 Feb.1880.  (pp.1-55, 78 and 80-82 used, remaining pages blank.  Card covers detached; soiled). 2. & 3.  Two quarto books, bound in half red basil with marbled sides, containing a file of the monthly XI Surrey (Wimbledon) Volunteers Corps Gazette, and printed annual reports, notices, cuttings and other ephemera, with substantial score sheets and notes 1861-1886. No.2 has issues I-LXXI of the Gazette, Dec.1868 - Oct.1874; No.3 issues LXXII- 138, issues 1-3 N.S. of the 4th Surrey (Wimbledon detachment)- E and F Companies Volunteer Rifle Corps Gazette, and issues 4-67 N.S. under same title but with '3rd' instead of '4th' Surrey, Nov.1874-Oct.1886.  
Accession number: LDWIM000531
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Hughes pedigree. Parchment roll. Genealogical tree of the Hughes family, tracing descent from John Howes of Newton Kyme in the County of Yorkshire, whose will was proved on 3 November 1516 at York; of Frederick Bruce Hughes, born 1926 at Wimbledon and Ironmonger of this Parish.  The family moved to London in the C18, where John Hughes was admitted Freeman of the Glovers Company in 1769.  Walter Hughes, born 1854 at New Cross, moved to Wimbledon and became a Master Ironmonger. The Pedigree is extracted from the Records of the College of Arms, London, with the addition, 1977, of the names of the children of Frederick Bruce Hughes, ironmonger; the shop was closed in 1986 to permit redevelopment of that part of Hartfield Road.  
Accession number: LDWIM000532
Class: Manuscripts
Description: The Rev. W.A. Bartlett's Scrapbook. A scrapbook, compiled presumably by W.A. Bartlett himself, consisting of 5 large sheets of rough paper bound together with string, as a receptacle for press-notices and autographed letters re his book The history and antiquities of Wimbledon, published in 1865.   It contains notices of the book from The Press (no date), The Morning Post, 15 Aug.1866, The Examiner (2 notices, no date), The Clerical Journal, 12 July 1866.   Also autograph letters acknowledging receipt of copies of the book from: i.   Bishop William Stubbs, 1825-1910, who has given learned assistance. Dated 28 April. ii. Illegible signature, Brighton. 29.7.1863., criticising Bartlett's theories re Caesar's Camp etc. iii. Robert Gordon Latham, of New Malden M.D. Ethnologist and philologist. 28 April. iv.  Rev. Tho. Hugo, F.S.A., 1820-76, historian.  26.4.65. v.   Albert Way, F.S.A. 1805-74, of Tunbridge Wells (or Reigate). 27.4.65.  Mentions "threatened injury" to Caesar's Camp by Mr. Drax. vi.  Walter H. Tregellas of Eton Square. 24.6.65.   Is going to correct proof of O.S. map of Wimbledon area prepared by Captain French. vii. Rev. E.C. Adams. 28.4.65. viii.Lord Elcho. 15.5.65. 10th Earl of Weymiss & March. Chairman of the National Rifle Assoc. 1859-67. ix.  Walter Barttelot. 10.8.65. possibly Bagehot. x.   Rev. Samuel Lysons, antiquary. 20.4.65. (mentioned in earlier letters).  Theory that name "Wimbledon" derives from Wim-Baal-Adon; solar deities worshipped there by Ancient British.  Author of Our British ancestors- who and what were they?   There are also 3 press notices (Guardian 11.7.66; Literary churchman 20.7.66; Clerical journal 20.6.66) of a sermon preached by Bartlett in Holy Trinity Church, Wimbledon, 29.4.1866 on The doubter cured.   And as loose inserts, 3 copies of printed Testimonials to the Rev. W.A. Bartlett BA from Oxford dons, masters at Crewkerne Grammar School, etc.    
Accession number: LDWIM000551
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Records relating to Wimbledon Cottage Hospital. Three 8vo notebooks, one with black leather, one marbled cover (damaged), 2 oblong foolscap ledgers; with folder containing correspondence and other documents. 1.  Minute Book (marbled cover) of Wimbledon Cottage Hospital Committees from 26 July 1869 to 9 July 1880.  There are meetings of the General Committee, sub-Committees, and General Meetings of Contributors, and including detailed quarterly and annual accounts.  The Agenda of the first Committee Meeting includes acceptance of a tender (£925) for building of hospital, and there are interesting details re. appointment of nurses, etc.  As loose inserts: 5 postcards of 1938 concerning meetings of the Medical Board and 3 photographs, extracted from a pamphlet unnamed and undated (but two of them appear in the 1922 annual report)  of private wing and exterior of hospital. There is also a printed Dietary, undated but inserted 1876 and Rules of the Hospital 1873, with handwritten amendments dated 1878. 2.  Minute Book (black leather cover) of General Committee, Executive Committee, Annual Meetings of subscribers, from 19 July 1880-11 December 1893.  Annual accounts are included; after 1882 these are printed.  From 1887 printed Annual Reports are inserted. 3.  Minute Book (black leather cover) of Executive Committee, General Meeting of contributors and Council from 4 March 1912 to December 1914.  No accounts, but resolutions  of Executive Committee for payment of tradesmen's bills. A yellow slip inserted on p.70 draws attention to a gift of £40 by Earl Spencer, "being the value of a Palfrey which his tenants in Wimbledon render to the Earl upon his succession to the Manor of Wimbledon". 4.  Register of Patients.  Oblong ledger, marbled covers, ruled for details of name, occupation, address, dates of admission and discharge, medical officer in charge, disease, result and remarks.  Begins 1 October 1900 - 31 December 1910.  Patients are mainly given as domestic servants, housewives or children. 5.  Register of Patients.  Ledger, ruled as above. 2 May 1912 - November 1917.  After 1914, batches of sick or wounded soldiers are intermittently admitted. 5a,b,c.  Registers as above, leather spines, for 1917-27, 1934-38, 1939-43. 6.  In envelope.  A collection of correspondence mainly from and to mat. Burton, Hon. Sec. of the Hospital Committee, during 1914-1915, covering various matters concerning the Hospital. 7.  Folder containing assorted documents as listed on cover.   See also LDWIM000672.    
Auction particulars
Accession number: LDWIM000552
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Particulars, plans and conditions of sale by auction by Geo. Gouldsmith & Co. on 11 December 1896 of 3 freehold properties in Wimbledon, endorsed with contract of sale of one property. (Printed notice: 4pp. folio with map and signed memorandum). Lot 1.  "Tudor Towers", Parkside, Wimbledon, with full details of accommodation and grounds. Lot 2.  No.1 Grosvenor Hill.  Details as above and map. Lot 3.  No.3 Ridgway.  Details as above and map. Conditions of sale are listed. On back of Notice a Memorandum has been signed by Alexander Standen of 9 High Street, Wimbledon, contracting to purchase Lot 3 for £940, and paying deposit of £94.  
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