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manuscriptsThe Manuscripts collection comprises documents relating to Wimbledon including: deeds to property; records of local associations; papers collected by or related to notable local residents; documents relating to the history of local military organisations and hospitals; and parish and vestry records.

Accession number: LDWIM000523
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Vestry notebook c 1848 of St. Mary's Church, Wimbledon, prior to re-building of church. Giving various details of preparations for re-building of St. Mary's Church, Wimbledon, and of the old church to be replaced, including  the list of donations and subscriptions for re-building and a detailed record, with illustrations, of the monuments, tombs and escutcheons in the old church and a list of the monuments in the churchyard.  There are also extracts and copies of various legal and other documents relating to the Parish, the latest of 1852.    
Accession number: LDWIM000524
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Report of a meeting held in 1836 in the Committee Room of the Wimbledon Workhouse, to consider a proposal to convert the Workhouse, no longer required for paupers, into almshouses for the respectable and aged poor.  Names of members of committee are given.  On the back, a list of some of the subscribers towards £400 required for conversion. (1 sheet- Manuscript copy of report with list of subscribers in different hand).
Accession number: LDWIM000525
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Two documents relating to John Casswell, a summons in 1837 as Parish Surveyor of Roads, and an order in 1857 when he was Surveyor of the Highways for the Parish of Wimbledon. (Double sheet of quarto paper, with manuscript in two different hands)   a)  A Summons, issued 8 April 1837[?] to John Casswell, Parish Surveyor of Roads, to appear in Court to answer for permitting the removal of ground from the Common for private purposes.   b)  An Order, made in 1857, by two Justices of the Peace, appointing J. Casswell Surveyor of the Highways for the Parish of Wimbledon in place of anon., now disqualified. (In buff folder).  
Accession number: LDWIM000526
Class: Manuscripts
Description: An official Order, (1 sheet, typescript) given under the Common Seal by Wimbledon Borough Council, appointing Overseers of the Poor for the Parish of Wimbledon, at a meeting held on 6 March 1907. (In buff folder).  
Accession number: LDWIM000527
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Two letters to Rev. E.L. Langston from   1) Horace Monroe (TS. 1 May 1925), and   2) Richardson Evans (MS. 3 May 1925) relating to gift of a printed Wimbledon Parish Register to Emmanuel Church.  
Accession number: LDWIM000528
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Magazines, manuals, reports, minutes and notebook from Wimbledon Congregational Church, Worple Road (now demolished). 4 pieces   A14.1  Bound volume, hard cover, leather spine, entitled Congregational Church Magazine and Manual Vol.XIII containing: a)  Three copies of Wimbledon Congregational Church Manual for 1906 (64pp),1907 (77pp), 1908 (80pp). b)  Wimbledon Congregational Church Magazine for January, April, July, October 1907 (12pp each).   The Manuals contain reports on Church activities (Sunday Schools, Bible Classes, missions, clubs etc.), Church accounts and lists of Church members and seat holders.  In nos. 2 & 3 are a photograph of the Church and a map showing the position in Worple Road.   The Magazine contains more detailed reports of some of the activities.   A14.2  Hard-covered notebook containing minutes of meetings of the Congregational Church Bazaar Committee from 6 May 1918 to 20 March 1919, in preparation for a bazaar held on 9 & 10 April 1919. and Reports of annual meetings and minutes of the Wimbledon Congregational Church Choir Committee, 30 January 1920-26 June 1935.  
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