Ephemera collection online


This collections consists of items, on paper, that were never intended to be kept for more than a few weeks.

newspaper article
Accession number: LDWIM010057
Class: Ephemera
Description: Article in Building Design, March 18th, 1983 describing the design and building of the Buddhapadipa Thai Temple, Calonne Road. It is the first Thai Buddhist Temple in Europe.
Accession number: LDWIM010058
Class: Ephemera
Description: publicity leaflet for the Good Friday Service in Wimbledon Theatre, organised by The Churches of Wimbledon & Merton, 1960.
magazine article
Accession number: LDWIM010059
Class: Ephemera
Description: Article from 'The Ideal Home', July 1931, describing the house in Calonne Road that was later named Barrogill, and is now owned by the Buddhapadipa Thai Temple. The article includes several photographs of the interior and exterior of the house and the garden.
house sale details
Accession number: LDWIM010060
Class: Ephemera
Description: Sale of Barrogill, Calonne Road by Hampton & Sons. Detailed description of the house and grounds, with several photographs. No date given.
House sale details
Accession number: LDWIM010061
Class: Ephemera
Description: Sale of a Victorian house in Hillside by Sturgis & Son: the number of the house and the date of the sale are not given. There is a detailed description of the property, but there are no accompanying photographs.
Accession number: LDWIM010062
Class: Ephemera
Description: The Wimbledon Guild of Social Welfare: 2012 Calendar with photographs taken by staff or volunteers at the Guild , to raise funds for the activities of the Guild.
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