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Most of the books in the museum's collection are 'working tools' to help with enquiries and research.

Accession number: LDWIM011549
Class: Ephemera
Description: Chester House, Wimbledon: Atmosphere of a pasr age. Tony Matthews. Wimbledon Society Museum Press. 2014. 52 pp., illus., maps., bibliog.
Accession number: LDWIM011550
Class: Books
Description: The Wimbledon trilogy: The Wimbledon poisoner; They came from SW19; East of Wimbledon. Nigel Williams. Faber. 1995. 751 pp.
Accession number: LDWIM011551
Class: Books
Description: The amulet of Tarv: a romance of the South Downs 1,000 years BC. Percy F. Kensett. Ed. J. Burrow. 1925. viii, 268 pp. front.
Accession number: LDWIM011552
Class: Books
Description: Researching London's houses: an archives guide. Colin Thom. Historical Publications. 2005. 192 pp. illus., bibliogs.
Article from periodical
Accession number: LDWIM011553
Class: Manuscripts
Description: The literary associations of Wimbledon. G. Latimer Apperson. Photocopy from The Surrey magazine November 1899 pp. 252-255.
Research paper
Accession number: LDWIM011556
Class: Manuscripts
Description: Domesday Mortlake. Pamela Taylor. Photocopy from Anglo-Norman studies vol. 32. 2009. pp. 203-229.