Artefacts collection online

artefactsThe Artefacts collection can best be summed up as the 'social history' or 'community history' collection. It comprises around 300 items, mostly from the period 1850-1980, of which about half are on permanent display in the themed cases within the museum.

Most of the 'things' you see in the museum which do not fall into the other collection categories will probably be in artefacts. As such, it is an extremely diverse and exciting array of local material.

Board game
Accession number: LDWIM004039
Class: Artefacts
Description: ‘Wimbledon Challenge’, a Monopoly-style board game based around Wimbledon businesses and locations. Complete with outer plastic covered case which unfolds to reveal the board and rules, 2 die, 6 plastic token cars, 24 share cards x 2, 12 new share quotation cards, 70 chance cards and 5 bundles of banknotes in denominations £1000; £500; £100; £50 and £10. All contents contained within a polystyrene tray. Box dimensions 21 X 42 cm.
Snob ball
Accession number: LDWIM004040
Class: Artefacts
Description: Soft straw-filled ball with thin light-coloured leather (probably kid) outer covering, hand-stitched from four pieces of leather. Small 6mm hole in outer skin, revealing the straw (and possibly wood shaving) filling. Diameter: 50mm. Weight: 12 gm. Date: c.1940.
Swagger stick
Accession number: LDWIM004041
Class: Artefacts
Description: Swagger stick,1944. black painted cane, 697mm long, 15mm max diameter, with silver metal ferrule and boss. Boss stamped with coat of arms ( honi soit qui mal y pense – shame be to him who thinks evil of it, motto of the Order of the Garter). Scroll beneath bears ‘Sancte et Sapienter’, ‘Religiously and Wisely’.
Lapel badge - Wimbledon Speedway Club
Accession number: LDWIM004042
Class: Artefacts
Description: Wimbledon Speedway Club lapel badge, c.1970. In red, white and gold enamel. Red flag with gold star against white background. Inscribed ‘WIMBLEDON SPEEDWAY CLUB’ in border around circumference. Diameter: 23mm. Very small indistinct stamp on reverse.
Top hat brush
Accession number: LDWIM004043
Class: Artefacts
Description: Ogee-shaped curved oak handle and brush head. Ebony veneer on brush head. 3 rows of 21 bunches of bristles, possibly pig. Length: 225mm. Width (handle): 15mm. c.1910.
Tailor's pattern perforator
Accession number: LDWIM004044
Class: Artefacts
Description: Tailor’s pattern perforator. Hand tool with solid heavy turned mahogany handle, tapering to a steel socket from which protrudes a steel shaft, at the end of which is a small steel wheel with 13 teeth. Length: 164mm; diameter of toothed wheel: 15mm. Diameter of handle (max): 24mm. c.1910.
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